Saturday, March 18, 2006



Was watching this “Life Series” Documentary by David Attenborough , of course bought somewhere pirated along Shanghai streets.  Fireflies in Southeast Asia are unique among the fireflies in the world in such that they synchronize their light such that thousands/hundreds of them flash at the same time, which is not the case among the fireflies in the world.  The combined light can be so bright such that fishermen out at sea can use such lights to navigate their way back to their river banks.

Think I heard my friend Shili mentioned about such fireflies streams or rivers before on her trip, and maybe my Malaysian friends – Ivy, chengho and Rover peeps should check these places out!


Anonymous said...


At least say where i can find those fireflies mah. OTherwise how i know where to go to look for them

Ivy said...

I know! I know!

You can try Kuala Selangor, in Selangor in M'sia.

It's really nice! The whole stretch of the river were lit wif blinking christmas lights, er.. I mean fireflies..haha..

It's definately an experience not to be missed.

But Im not sure if tt place is still there, or if there are still as many fireflies now, cos they started buildling a dam like a few yrs back around tt area, and ecologist say tt the fireflies will be affected.


Alvin said...

Kuala Selangor most spectacular.
closer to S'pore, u can go to Sedili and Kota tinggii.

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