Monday, April 17, 2006

Screen savers doesn't save energy

Myth: Screen savers save energy.

Reality: Screen savers are energy wasters. Most computers use about twice as much energy lighting up the screen as they use for processing. Originally, screen savers were designed to stop screens being burnt by a constant image, but they aren't needed for modern screens. Not only can screen savers use as much energy as a full screen of work, but many require considerable processing energy as well. If you want to save energy you can set your screen saver to 'none' or 'blank screen.'

Can always check out this link to verify:

Knew about this but i think lots of people are still under this misconception, since i am working out a green survey for offices thought that i should blog this.

Anyway, I had a friend who wanted screen saver mode as she enjoy the pictures in screen saver mode.

No qualms about that, just that still enable standby or hibernation after 10 mintues or some suitable, cause if you are away for that long, you are really not using your computer ya? 

"It doesn't take sophiscated technologies to save the Earth, just simple conscious from everyone. " Marcus

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Cheng Ho said...

even putting ur computer in the standby mode needs energy input.. cost the harddisk and motherboard are still on.. i mean why cant pple just shut down their computer when they dun use! excuse --> my comp takes ages to start up reason--> it is becos u overload the sys and do not maintain ur comp regularly!

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