Thursday, May 11, 2006

Have you seen me on TV?

Don't know where to put this, so i put it here. Yup, was interviewed cause i was one of the few young Singaporeans interested in watching the polls "LIve" in Shanghai.

Cheers, Workers Party. Think i missed out on all the fun in listening to rallies..


pinto said...

Yah, they were fun. But more than fun, lots of the speakers had substance.

I'm not surprised overseas voters were more supportive of the PAP than people in Singapore.

Sivasothi said...

If you want to catch some election fever, check out; e.g.

Also search for clips from the Serangoon Stadium WP rally. That was really good.

Anonymous said...

eh..... come back sg for a break leh.... i need ppl to slack with for the holidays

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