Monday, June 16, 2008

Environmental beliefs and preference of jobs.

    I strongly believe that environmental protection has to make economic sense - what we call eco-capitalism. With that lies my preference for jobs together with other career satisfier of mine:

  1. Run my own eco company - that is a consulting company that work together with non profits, energy utility companies to help schools, organisations save on their operating costs .
    1. The energy utility portion will work on the hardware of the building to reduce costs from energy savings
    2. While the nonprofits will be those that spread the message of biodiversity in Singapore. This is important because "out of sight out of mind". Knowing the existence of nature in their backyard and understanding environmental problems closer to their homes, will help everyone appreciate nature and the environment more. This is working on the "heartware"
    3. Lastly, to let them know how easy it is that they can save energy in their daily life.
  2. Work for Virgin or Terracycle
  3. Work as an environmentalist in a capitalist corporation such as …
  4. Work in position in a corporation that allows me to use my organising skills, a position that is not in finance and engineering. Undivided over the following 2 because I believe more in "reduce" in saving the environment than in redeeming for excess environmental impact through carbon trading for example:
    1. Preferably in an organisation related to eco businesses such as Ecosecurities or WastetoEnergy
    2. Otherwise, it would be a for profit environment/corporation to more aware/in tune with financial needs.
    3. Preferably not "end of pipe" treatment companies like wastewater or solid waste treatment companies.

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