Sunday, June 29, 2008

The ultimate Ideal job( as an employee) and how to get there.

Ultimate target: Environmental sustainability program executive

An environmental sustainability program executive position with an organization seeking an individual who is passionate and knowledgeable about environmental issues while believing in an economical and practical approach towards addressing environmental concerns.

Job scope:

  • Coming up with Goals, priorities, strategies for achieving measurable environmental benefits.
  • Manage projects that are practically and technically sound from an economical and operational perspective while aggressive addressing environmental concerns.
  • Implement and maintain environmental programs to comply to Environmental Legal and Corporate Requirements

Specific knowledge needed :

  • Higher education in economics, business administration or environmental studies
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in business strategy or management
  • Broad understanding of environmental issues including:
    • Statutory requirements of environmental legislation
    • Life cycle assessment - life cycle inventories, and defining the life cycle scope.
    • Certified Energy Manager program - to executive level at least to understand the savings.

General knowledge needed:

  • Connections and understanding of environmental non- profit groups so as to be able to engage the community in environmental programs

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