Friday, January 09, 2009

Paperless billing is not a phone call away.

I would like to refer to this Wednesday's letter by Ms Jeannie Ong, Head, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, " Paperless billing is a phone call away"
While Starhub adopts a "passive" approach to requiring users call their billing hotline at 1637 in order to request for paperless billing, SingTel adopts an "active" approach of even paying Singapore Enviroment Council's volunteers to encourage its users to switch to paperless billing. 
I hold the opinion that SingTel must have understood the cost savings associated with paperless billing and not have done so out of pure altruistic corporate social responsibilities.  Corporations need to start to appreciate that some "green" efforts can actually save costs and the environment at the same time.
I would also like to take this chance to inform Ms Jeannie Ong that upon calling 1637 as she as recommend, I found out that changing my billing options was not available under the automatic phone options of 1637.
I eagerly look forward to environment friendly initiatives by Starhub in this new year.
(The writer holds both a SingNet and Starhub account. He has once switched to Giro Payments for Starhub in order to reduce the postage of a return envelope)

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