Saturday, April 11, 2009

Changes as I relook my life

  • No longer need to identify a group of close friends that I want to meet every 3 months.  Just let things be. Friends who don’t share your interests and activities , and yet without the closeness of sharing just seems so tiring to maintain. Or is it the problem of Facebook such that one no longer need bunch of close friends, but simply use Facebook to gather buddies for activities?
  • No need to dedicate my life to saving the environment – realise the limit of one’s power?  Willing to be lazy ?  Or simply realise that it has been happening ever since history and there is only so much to be done. Or simply Jaded with time?
  • Even cycling does not bring as much joy as it once did?  Why Why Why?
  • Ecologically responsible behaviours – what else can I do?  Move beyond at least one meal a day for vegetarian?  Can.  Composting? Done. What’s next?  Fair/Sustainable/organic purchasing?  Maybe?
  • Realised that when I put helping others in a purposeful life, my definition was almost completely wrong. It was about encouraging everyone to have a more activities filled life, then about helping others in need.  Maybe it is only my volunteerism in the environmental aspect, that I feel that I am not doing anything much in the human aspect.
  • Yet the funny issue is this, I know that I make a point to visit my god parents and have dinner with mom as more of a point of fulfilling duties than enjoying the moment.   I need to find of human oriented volunteerism that works for me.

At the end of the day, it seems like I am in the danger of becoming a “normal” person.  Only difference, is that I may be a little more into sports/activities, reading and environment. All into one person.  While it maybe separated in others. Okay, I am in trouble.

We can’t do everything too, even the list of things to pick up and interests has to be managed too.

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