Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Point of working from the toastmaster Jan 11

“I don't like working just to please your boss, yet many kind of agreed. As they put it, your boss measures you and rewards you.
Yet in the same session, table topic was to use 6 words to summarise life.  In that, everyone was speaking about the need to have human kindness, to lead a life of service to others. It seems that we are always thinking of behaving in the right or ideal manner in the long run, yet in the short run, we just succumbed and be cynical about human nature.

Confucius also mentioned a real gentleman may not say the right things, but he will always do the right things.   You can see his practical side, when he says you must always say the truth, just not the complete truth to protect yourself in a dark world.

“邦有道, 危言危行 。 邦无道, 危行言孙。”

行为不正直就不是君子了。 但是说话不谨慎, 就惹了杀身之祸。

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