Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dr Devi Shetty: Walmartiztion of Hospital care

Dr Devi Shetty trys to WalMartize hospitals, by building lots of beds and doing lots of operations, he hopes to make healthcare affordable to the poor.

To cut cost, he defy conventions by hiring and training nurses that does not meet all the necessary qualifications.  Some generic qualifications are just not neccessary, but yet are withholding some of these most passionate and capable nurses he can get. 

Apparently, he reads lots of management books though he rather see himself as a doctor - a technician as he puts it.

Most interestingly, over 90% of his staff are female. As he puts it"if you pay a man 4000 rupees,he will spend 2000 on himself. If you pay a woman 4000 rupees, she will spend all 4000 on the family. "

Source: BBC interview Podcast - Dr Devi Shetty 14Jan11

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