Thursday, February 03, 2011

Learning to say No (Rather to say yes slower)

Work:  there are certain KPIs you have to meet, but at the same time some of things that you are offered to do does not meet the KPIs.

For example, maybe my office is the office of environmental sustainability, so people also treat us like a non profit. I will have students writing in for interviews.

The first year, I was still very happy helping them, however i realised half the time, I am helping a bunch of students that is rushing their work assignments. 

Doing interviews for students may make you feel important – I mean afterall, not all of us are “ important” enough to be interviewed right? All of us like attention on ourselves.

However, while it may and i say may serves to increase consciousness or awareness, it really takes time away from me fulfiling my KPIs.

I can think of plenty of things at work that I should do immediately to make a difference – from claiming money for all the recycling equipments to organising benefits for the housekeepers.

As Steven Covey says in “First Thing first”, “ the Worst enemy of best is the good” . All the things are good to do, meaningful to do. However, which is the one that will serve the largest impact?

I probably get approached because I have proven to be engaging back and not ignoring emails. However, it is also important to let other people respect my time.

There is a need to get away from the “ there is too little of me to go around”.  Toastmaster is good, Coastal Clean up is good, training for Tahan is good but I haven't made my money worked for me or Annie's money to work for her!

It is good to start in life being a passionate, cause driven person, however if you want to be really effective – you need to choose the things to do.

What do you think?

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