Monday, June 25, 2012

The corpse

When I was on the summit push on Mount Rinjani, I was so sleepy that I wanted to sit , sleep and die in the cold. 

I think it could be a combination of altitude sickness, terrible sleep the night before and headache from the contact lens. 

The view is gorgeous, but I can tell you that I am in zero mood to admire it. I was murdered by the entire attempt.  

That was when the thought came to my head, that ya, I think as in my interests in many things. Maybe my interest in trekking should stop here. Time to move on to spas and other enjoyment like a typical Singaporean.  Somehow challenges does not excite me anymore. Perhaps, we should go for those easy treks with good view like gunung stong.

Well, until I got a chance to be alone at the waterfall near the crater lake.  Hear the water and write all these stuff.   I like the sound of the running water and being alone for a while, with no modern electronic distractions. 

There are a couple of interesting things about trekking:
1.u don't see your face for a few da
2.You get Real conversations / present in a large group of people because there is no handphone or any modern distraction and everyone has to pay attention.

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