Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Notes for Motorbike Theory Test:


Circular - Mandatory, and one inverted triangle
Square - informative sign. Need not comply. May/ can
Triangular- warning, so it can be used to inform ahead.

No Parking:
9 metres from bus stop
6 meters junction
 3 meters fire hydrant.

Sure test sign:
- 2 way traffic Across a one way carriage.
- dual carriage way ends.

Traffic Police:
Traffic police man face you, front and back must stop. Sides can
proceed base on the hand .

Hand position : high , middle and low are based on the traffic light
positions. Red is on top, amber middle, green low,

Giving Way Rules at Uncontrolled Junctions:
1. Give way to vehicles going straight
2. Give way to vehicle on your right.
3.  Vehicle turning right way to oncoming vehicle turning left.

Demerit Points System  and license:

    1st year- exceed 13 points then license revoked.
    Within 2nd Year ( 24 months):
   24 points or more results in 3 months suspension,
   After 3 months suspension, only 12 points  allowance instead of 24 points.
   Yet if still exceed 12 points or more, suspension for another 6 months.
   3rd time , 12 points or more again, 1 year suspension or revoked.

   One cannot apply for PDL or sit for practical test, if he has 13 points,

Probation Sign:
   1st time don't display - fine
   2nd time don't display probation- revoked,

Distance to be kept:

   When pedestrian is walking against traffic, 1m gap minimum
   When he is walking in the flow of traffic, 1.5m gap

1.5 m distance

Vehicles :
   1m for parked cars,
   1.5m for moving vehicles.

Bus Lane Hours:
7.30-9.30am, 5-8pm bus lane hours

Vehicle Equipment check:
Chain - 15mm to 20 mm
Brake Lever - 15mm to 20mm
Clutch Freeplay - 10mm to 20mm
1.6mm - tyre thread depth

Traffic Lights:
   When you approach  a green traffic light, you are expected to slow down
   Flashing amber - spoilt traffic light, still can go but proceed with caution

Road lines:


The first 10 -15 minutes of a rainfall is the most slippery because
when it is hot, it expands and captures all the oil. So when it rains,
it cools and the rain washes all these out.

In a traffic holdup, give way to vehicle from the minor road even
though there is no yellow box.

Minimum insurance- third party coverage.

Facts and figures:
    18 yrs old - legal age to ride
   10 yr - No pillion rider of below 10 years old.
   2 sec - following vehicle time gap
   vehicle breakdown sign minimum at least 20 meters.
   5-10 sec- check mirror interval
   50km/h - speed limit of road when there is no speed limit sign
   Legal alcohol limit - 80 mg per 100 ml of blood or 35microgram of alcohol per 100ml of breath

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