Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Heaven to Hell: India Oct 2010 - Hyderabad to Arungabad to Mumbai Part 1

It all begins in Hyderabad:

Happened to go to Hyderabad for a competition and hence I decided to travel across India to look for Meijun in Mumbai and check out the UNESCO sites in between. 

India train tickets were supposed to be available online but somehow the connection is always not there and I had to go down to the station to get my tickets. Hence I was always skipping the conference.

My project mate Winnie beating me up because I often disappeared during the conference to go and buy train tickets.

From Heaven to Hell

The first night that I left my mates in Westin was when I began to get afraid: From the sterile, protected environment with lots of Chinese - I was going to be the only Chinese among all the Indians.  It didn't help that because I didn't how to get around - I chose a hotel mentioned in Rough Guide that is next to the train station - Hotel Ramakrishna Hotel next to the train station.

And previous experience in China should have taught me so: Train stations are lousy places to stay around because of the good location, the hotels have lousy facilities or are amazingly noisy.

Beautiful clean white sheets in WESTIN


  • Room with bed bugs blood stain on the floor
  • noisy compressor for an aircon

Noisy old compressor at the back
Bucket for shower
Thankfully I have my sleeping bag to avoid bed bugs

I remembered that my train was in the afternoon and so I wondered around in the morning.  I was so darn happy that I saw this yellow skinned Korean gal.  She had very bad complexion and look all rugged - she was on the roads for 6 months already.  She was waiting for someone and couldn't care less about me but I was so glad to meet her - a yellow skin!!!

This again shows my narrow mind in the protected zones of my life.

Before the next chapter:

Coolest helmut on the road of Hyderabad


Unknown said...

Wtf helmet, mate. Lol

Unknown said...

Wtf helmet. Lol

No dancing girls on top

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