Sunday, April 28, 2013

Suddenly i am a Star: India Oct 2010 - Hyderabad to Arungabad to Mumbai Part 2

Travelling through middle India is more frightening than the night I had to spend alone in Phuket cause I see lots of ang moh there.  More scary now cause no foreign tourists seems to be here. Even on the rough guide book list. Better stick to the cheapo hotels, where we may meet the rough it out ang mohs!


Met Khan 19 years old student who is working here in holiday for brother . Stall 53

Khan applies principle of persuasion. Soft sell. Reprocricity.

Daulatabad Fort

Fort is awesome. The moat first time see, bought a book out of frustration, but proved to be useful,

Caves defense was scary. All dark.

Material matters less now. As I threw it all behind, pass the book I bought to tourist I met on the way out.

Stomach is always churning. Though no diarrhoea. Now I understand menstrual?

INdian Train:

No plastic bags to throw the rubbish, everyone just throw it out of the window.

Little boy who goes around on his knees to sweep. It is a painful eight hours ,although shorter than china train ride but being alone. I still remember that I was doing my school work on my laptop

Person on the train. professor with hanky but throw rubbish out. Dr Kapdi 

rafiq who met twice on trains and has a stall at crawford market sellling dried fruits. 

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