Thursday, July 04, 2013

Synchronised but not to notify:

Years ago, I started and delighted in having a mobile data plan to my phone - that was when I truly delighted on being on top of my work.  I like the fact too that i didn't spend my working hours clearing emails but rather doing these during my transportation time - leaving my fresher hours at work to do real productive work.

When I enabled synchronisation, the settings were always chosen at the longer intervals e.g an hour: for battery life as well as to really focus on tasks at hand and avoid being distracted.

Recently this year, I started to disenable notifications especially those of social media apps like Facebook - afterall, you realised that it is mainly non trivial stuff and it wouldn't die to check it once a week or less. Besides, I kind of realised the "more" life I had on Facebook, the less "life" I had in the real life.  I often accessed Facebook more as a form of escapism from the real work that I had to do.

Recently, it became a pain to see the notification lit on my mobile flashing away. That is when I finally hit on the best solution:

Synchronized but not to notify.

For all emails as well, such that when I hit the tab to acess, the emails are there for me to clear when I am standing in a queue etc. That is the reason why I like have emails synchronised - to make productive use of times that is wasted like in queues.

But I will avoid all the notifications that keep flashing on my phone and keeping me on tenderhooks.

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