Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In a sense, i am still responsible.

In a sense, i am still responsible.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks going on, in a sense, i still have some control over my fate.

Yes. I am overwhelmed by the various requests. But if i force myself as Steve Job did, I can still choose to just focus on 3 of them.

The rest will be aptly named "no chase no do". Sometimes too, people ask very easily because it does not cost them.

Hence,it may not be really important to them.  Some of the key tasks i am ignoring because of the high stakes involved.

That is actually my weakness because eat the frog in the morning is to do the thing u hate most ( actually it is just the most important thing),  therefore as long as I procrastinate, I will not succeed even if it is just in my personal life.

Yet again, Leo Babauta recommends that not to fight against that. I think a balanced view really is that u have to explore deep inside, why such emotions. Why do you procrastinate?

The most ideal is really that the most important task is also what u enjoy the most.
At least, right now I hide is because some things are  beyond my ability to solve.

I still have the ability to update the issue in good faith and time.
I still can work within my circle of influence.

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