Saturday, September 07, 2013

Something about Trekking:

Among my group of friends to count blessings for will be my trekking friends.   They have been an inspiration to me in that ½ of them would have done one of the following:
  • Taken a career break of at least 6 months
  • Mid career switch to the social sector

Perhaps it is that most of them are a couple of years older – so perhaps they have all worked enough that most of my peers would not have to do a rethink on life and career.  It helps that most of us are single too with less obligations.

Yet just maybe, it has got something to do with trekking.  Trekking for days in the wild often strips you down to the most basic comfort – you may realize that one may not need that many things in life or that you appreciate the basics like food and warmth in life better.

Perhaps too, that the sheer danger element in some treks means that we trekkers are already more predisposed to taking risks or it may mean that we condition ourselves to be more deeply engaged with life.

However the best part of all is the conversations: You walk for hours before seeing some scenery and so you may have long conversations with one or two individuals.  The best part though is the dinner around the campfire:

For about 3 hours, everyone is gathered around. With no mobile phones, no one is disconnected.  With just darkness around you, no one will wander off.   With no music or TV screens, no one is distracted and you only see the face of those in front of you, hear those who are truly around you.

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