Monday, December 08, 2014

Shopping through a Mall in a holiday...


Actually deciding to walk through the malls on a holiday gives me the impression that I am doing something equivalent of :

Surfing around the TV looking desperately for anything of even minor interest - like Chinasmack and BBC?

I would go through shops after shops, looking for the "Good deal".  I would "discover" new technologies in be inspired by new uses that I never knew existed.

To make things worse, now when I spot a deal - the living an examined life portion of me becomes a real pain in the ass as Yvon Chounaird puts it.

 Is this top sustainable?  Maybe I should look for something on Patagonia first? Can I trust H.E by Mango? I really like that discount on the Mizuno Shoe - but do I really need another pair of running shoe. 

Gosh, in a sense - shopping has become a chore. Yet, don't buy clothes equal to not being trendy.

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