Saturday, May 02, 2015

The futility of it all:

Yesterday, went for a 22km hike around the Central Catchment Area. It was all pleasurable until lunch time where we reach Zhenghua Park. As I struggled back to Macritchie Reservoir, the feeling was that I was no longer enjoying the scene and the novelty but drawing upon some reserves to reach back ASAP.

That is the key – As fast as possible. That is the key, that perhaps is an indication of whether if you are in flow or enjoying it or just trying to reach a target. Is that any thing wrong with trying to set a goal and reach it? I think as Bruce Lee said, “ A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

The scary thing is that many of us let the goal be the reason why we do something.

Somehow, Leo Babauta becomes my teacher. As he mentions in this “Anti-Bucket List”, I kind of ask what is the point of traveling it all. When I first started out to work and collect my paycheck, coupled with the fact that childhood was too poor to involve any family traveling, traveling was interesting.

However, after some time, a beach is a beach is a beach. No matter how beautiful beaches are around the world, there are many of them around the world ( Admittedly less with global pollution.) Perhaps too, as I mentioned before, traveling becomes something that I do as I happen to be around the area for work. However, certain kind of epic trips that involve a lot of physical involvement ( Taiwan Cycling) or crazy planning ( dropping on and off the TranSiberian Train) stands out.

I would perhaps not do a Ironman – because it takes too long and painful. No point to prove something. As Leo Babuta, it is better to do something meaningful. Enjoying too much will become eating a chocolate for the 3rd time as Paul Graham says, and there is really not much point to prove a point in physical goals.

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