Saturday, July 04, 2020

Approaching 40, Not getting anywhere, Quarrelling with people online:

There is feeling that I am reaching 40 and still not doing anything great with my life. I think that in the 20s, you can still harbour dreams that you will make a difference in the world.  Now, you kind of realised that is so far away or hard to achieve.

I guess there is also nothing else to distract me either like kids.  Last but not least, there is no pressure to make money anymore as I suspect that I can survive long enough with whatever money I have. 

How then to find the energy or passion for life? Is it still making a difference that will motivate me? Or will it just be the joy of doing a good job and enjoying the process.

I am feeling the depression maybe also because that I realised that while I take time to write lots of Book Notes - I do not remember them.  Yet, here and there, it is maybe because that I have written them and hence I remember key quotes.

The only one thing that I am positive about spending my life in the right way - do not just watch TV.  Watch TV and exercise at the same time. 

Let’s tidy the clutter in our lives - One Note, Photos all Taken. It will be like life restarted, then we can continue to slowly grow our circle of influence.

We clear the clutter:

“How can one reduce the Range of One's interests and realise that having so many interests is half the problem?”

Then we can just focus on 1 project. That is the only way that we have learnt that will succeed in getting anything done.

The only way to feel good on weekends is to complete one personal project first then do the trivial of clearing emails, reading papers.

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