Sunday, July 12, 2020

Key Notes from "Diamond Cutter"

The person who wrote this book has proven to be a nutcrack, but he has definitely influenced many people to buy the book.  That said, there are still some gems in the book:

Pg 5- $ - how to make it in a clean and healthy way,  keeping mind and body in good health, leaving a good mark in the world. 

Pg 42- emptiness - the hidden potential of things. 

Pg 68

No experience ever happens unless the imprint that triggers it has been planted first. 

That's what the book said but 

"Then who planted the very first incident of each kind that happens to you?"

Pg 118:

People often ask how I get all the time to manage all the projects - the answer is that I consciously avoid wasted talk.   

These are hours of conversations over newspapers and coffee where people review the state of the world events, which they know little about, have little bearing on them, and have no possible influence.

The test is: 3 days after reading a major article in detail, try and sit down and write the bits of information that you remember.     The takeaway lesson is then not to spend too much time reading papers and news.

Pg 167: 

If a situation can be fixed, why get upset about it?

If a situation cannot be fixed, what's the use of getting upset?

You will find that because you fought off the anger even before it got fully into your mind, you are able to immediately turn all your energy into solving the problem. 

We are spending real life here and one day we will run out of life.  Life really is very short, and your working years are limited - years with maximum energy and health and mental sharpness are very limited.  Maybe it will be worth making a little less money, if you could live each day doing what you really felt was important. 

Pg 204: was it worth it? Was it meaningful? Was it the best way to spend a short, precious human life?

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