Sunday, May 28, 2006

Al Gore to play weather man.

Perhaps the thing that i have to hightlight most is the last para:

"There are five points on which the global scientific community agrees: global warming's real, human beings are mainly responsible for it, the results are catastrophic, we have to fix it and we have to start right away, and it's not too late," he ( Al Gore )told US journalists.

I once read a book by Al Gore on the environment, what struck me then was that he was coming out with ideas that were not really easy/practical to implement. One example was something along the lines of revamping the entire economic system and taking into account of the indirect costs of our manufacturing society. Economists/ environemtalists view the reason for the curent environmental crisis is due to the fact that our economic model does not take into account indirect costs like pollution and affects on human health. If we took into account of the pollution that a TV creates other than the resources that are involved in producing it( oil, metals, glass), it may not be advisable to produce the TV as the costs outweighs the benefits, otherwise known as the opportunity cost is too high.

However, to do what Al Gore suggested, we can at most do an estimate of the environmental costs involved in producing a particular product and it is going to be arbritarily set too. Honestly, i really see it as almost impossible to revamp our current entire economic model.

There was something that Al Gore suggested that i thought was pretty interesting. After World War II, the US had a Marshall Plan that invested loads of money to rebuild the war-torn Europe, why not the same thing in the environmental field, he suggested though i can't remember the details.

The world may be different if Al Gore was chosen and not Bush.

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It's kind of interesting. There'll probably be more BUSH if al gore was elected, though now there's more GORE with bush ard

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