Saturday, June 03, 2006

What the hell was i busy with in Shanghai in the month of Feburary?


My mates and I were on the way to another friend’s house for a dinner, and allow the way we say this lady who was out on the streets with 3 dogs. Poor lady, 2 of the dogs were barking at each other and running around the lamp post and she was getting all coiled up in the leashes. So I offered to help though we supposed to be late, heehee.. And the next thing we know, we were walking the dogs to the park with her and getting to know her. Subsequently, next Sunday we went over to her place to learn cooking from her and then we know the interesting story behind this interesting person.

Her name is Mingly and she calls herself the sexy housewife… it is up to you to decide whether if you agree.. ( Sorry huayang, I have no luck with girls in Shanghai, think aunties suit me better). It all originated from sincere offer to help, then it became a chance for us to know a fellow Singaporean. We were already happy that we can have a chance to walk the dogs for her in future as my roommates and I never had a dog( reminding me of a friend who had a dog), but the next thing we know, she actually offered to teach us to cook which I can tell you that 3 guys staying alone together needs plenty of help in this area.

However, it is her background that makes the entire story more unbelievable. She is 34 and she married a Japanese, and her husband is actually the overall head for NEC in the entire CHINA!!! If you are those who are eager to network, this is like jackpot for you..

Due to her own background and her marriage, she has moved house 22 times and been to many places in the world. So for the next 3 weeks, we were going to her house like 3 times a week to have dinner and chat.. and that's where all my night went to.

However, you never know who you may know when you help a stranger on the street. That's the moral of this story if you are very concerned about networking which NOC students tend to be, as they entered the business environment.

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