Saturday, June 03, 2006

Suzhou massaging palour

Back in March, I went with my previous company for some training in Suzhou. An interesting experience there was the visit to the massage palour. Massage seems to be a popular way of relaxing for many chinese and thus my manager brought me along to one after work.

We were each led to a little room that was lit by a small light bulb, to make it more sleazy - it was pink in colour. There was nothing in the room except for a thin bed covered with a towel and a small table with a toilet roll on it.

So later I had this lady or I should say girl cause if I didn't remember wrongly, she is only 19 who came in to give me a massage. If you ask me honestly, she was the most voluptuous female I have come into contact with though she was a little on the fat side. As usual, so darn curious about so many things, i chatted with her.

She is from Yunan, from a farming town where 3 yuan can get her a meal and the annual income for the household is like 300 yuan. From the introduction of a village friend, on a train she goes and end up in Suzhou. Over here in Suzhou, her only friend ( real friend and not those colleagues in this sleazy area ) is just her friend from the same village. I don't know how long she is going to stay here, but hearing her say that she has got no off days but only sneak out when there is no customers, i can't help but think how boring her life is, in consideration that her only mate is that one friend.

I really hope that she doesn't stay working there for long, cause a life like this sounds really listless and meaningless to me. Perhaps, beacause i am not one of those sleazy customers, she was willing to share these stories with me and i can't help but to think again, i am just lucky to be born in the right place. Nothing more than that.

Of course, my manager did learn from his massage lady that we were actually lead to the wrong place by the other staff and they actually provide sexual service in these rooms, without which i would not have a chance to witness the location. Of course, i should add that at times, the areas that she kneaded at was simply to close for comfort and i had the normal physical reaction.

I kept the hotel name card and did harbor thought like those of what we see in Hongkong movies: a man who visits a prostitute and just only chats with her.
Sorry, sometimes random crazy thoughts just pop up in my head.

Well, folks. Cherish where you are born, what you have and try to lead a meaningful life ... for those who don't have a chance to.


Wei Qiang said...

u've been watching way too many hongkong movies.

Anonymous said...


EH!!! Tell me more bout your "life" there leh. Hanzhong din really tell me much even though i grinded him til he became powder.

Cheng Ho said...

hope to see u soon! the new semester is starting soon.... hope u coping well with ur life there

Anonymous said...

haha marcus,
u have the potential to be a sociologist:)
if u come to beijing, pls do contact me. Acutally i have been back to shanghai for several times but didn't see you. I did go to shoots & shoots office, but you're away that day.

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