Monday, September 29, 2008

Too big a brain for our own good!


The more I read, the more I think, the more I feel that ignorance is bliss. It is because that I know about history of the Earth, learning about how the human race has gone about destroying the Earth that I wonder if it is worth subjecting myself to deprivations is worth it or not. Trying to got vegetarian for at least a meal of the day – why bother when  many previous efforts have failed and all that I have achieved is simply to deprive my own life of certain pleasures. Gandhi has  a greater purpose behind him – God that gave him the strength to embrace vegetarianism and many other sacrificial acts.  It will be very interesting to see what is the motivation for Zhou Enlai.  As far as I read about him, I haven’t found any religious motivation for his life, his actions. 

Not too good to know too much.  When I was young, I would be inspired by stories of Yue Fei and the Yang Family warriors – loyalty for nation.  When you read more history and learn that nations rise and fall, you wonder if it is worth giving up so much of your own life for such a cause.   That is perhaps part of reason why I choose to dedicate myself towards the environmental cause because it is something for  a longer timescale.

At the end, again, perhaps Branson had it all – helping the community, the environment and yet having fun at it all.

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